Evan and Rachel are the only ones who can save the world! They must find the thief and retrieve that Key—and lock the Door—before it is too late and all is lost.



by Helen Howells


Fleeing the wrath of an angry rancher, Evan and Rachel discover an unlocked Door to a parallel world--a world inhabited by endangered animals. Evan and Rachel's curiosity lures them beyond the unlocked Door into danger, and finally on a quest to save this rare world. In exchange for their lives, Rachel and Evan agree to help a select team of animals find the ferret thief who stole the Key that can lock the Door. The team has only two days or the animals will lose their memory, and be forbidden to ever return home again.




NAVARR the wolf: The team leader                    MUSTELLE the black-footed ferret: The thief             BAGERRA the badger: The digger



KITTOK the bobcat:The eyes and ears                and HUMMEKA the hummingbird: Air reconnaissance    



Evan and Rachel:

Reaching thier goal in time

is almost too daunting.

But a promise is a promise.



All rights reserved by Helen Howells